Saturday, March 1, 2014


  Braved the rain on Friday night to look in at the British-Consul General Chris O’Connor’s bash for British Oscar nominees.
Sir Alex
   But it was Sir Alex Ferguson who stole the show.
    The former Manchester United manager was the surprise guest at the party where he mingled with 26 British Oscar nominees and posed for photographs with partygoers.
    Relaxing in the Consul-General’s living room, Fergie told me  of his thoughts about Manchester United’s poor season and predicted better things to come.
    “They’ll be all right,” he said. “It’s early days and there’ve been a lot of changes.” And David Moyes? “He needs time.  I was there for 27 years so with a new manager, it takes time. But they’ll be OK.”  
    Fergie told me he was in Hollywood to attend the Oscars and the legendary Vanity Fair party afterwards as the guest of a friend.
   “I’m here for the big show,” he said.
   The rain-lashed party was held in the Consul-General’s garden in the posh Hancock Park area of the city under a massive tent, hurriedly erected as the worst storm in three years hit Los Angeles.
     The guests included Dame Helen Mirren, who left quickly when her high heels sunk into the sodden grass; Steve McQueen, the Oscar-nominated director of 12 Years A Slave; and more than a score of technicians, including those who worked on Gravity, which was filmed in London and is one of the favourites to win the Oscar tonight (Sunday).
   Also there was my old mate Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ---Wally---who had stopped in on his way to an Italian film party where he was due to pick up an award for his role in Pompeii.
  But apart from Sir Alex, the guest attracting most of the attention was Philomena Lee, the real life subject of the movie Philomena, who, with the movie’s writer and co-star Steve Coogan, has been a regular feature at parties and promotional events around the world, even having an audience with the Pope.
   “He’s a lovely man,” she said of the Pope.
   And Steve Coogan? “I love him to bits.”


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  1. Marquee. Much more appropriate for the occasion.



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