Sunday, June 1, 2014


  Just back from a couple of days in Pismo Beach, a funky surf town on California's Central Coast where the City Council has just changed its rules to allow a trio of surfing goats---yes, surfing goats!---to stay in the town.
 While the goats were allowed on the beach itself, they were not permitted to live in town. As a result, Dana McGregor, owner of the gnarly nanny Goatee and her two kids, Pismo and Grover, received four $400 tickets for keeping goats within city limits.
  But now, with a 4-1 vote the council directed city staff to change an ordinance to allow McGregor to keep his goats in the town. 
  "I do have them registered as service animals, and they're actually emotional support animals, so they emotionally support me," McGregor said.

  McGregor got his first goat, Goatee, three years ago to clear poison oak from the yard he shares with his mother. Then Goatee had two kids and McGregor was too attached to give them up.
 He regularly takes the
m to the beach where he has been teaching them to surf for the past three years and the three wooly surf stars have become media sensations.
  "The city loves seeing them," says McGregor. "I pretty much take them everywhere."
 But not everyone is happy seeing the goats catch a wave.  
  "These are not 'surfing' goats," Shelley Petlansky Watkins wrote in the local newspaper, the Tribune. "They are animals that have been forced to balance on a board in the ocean to avoid falling into the water which I'm sure they do. They don't have a choice, and I'm sure if they did, they wouldn't want to be used in this way: for sad attention-seekers."

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  1. "Emotional support animals" ???? It's lucky we all don't need goats to emotionally support us or the beaches would be full of goat sh... Reminds me of a poem about sheepherders falling in love and having s.. with their goats. It's a strange, strange world.



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