Thursday, July 24, 2014


   Mick Jagger was planning his birthday party when we talked in New York the other day.
   “Are you coming?” he asked jokingly. “I don’t know how big it will be but it’ll be a nice
party. It’ll be fun with plenty of dancing and carrying on.”

    For a great-granddad who has been dancing and carrying on for most of his life, he looks by far the youngest 71-year-old in New York.

    A few hours after we talked he was dancing at a party at the famous Apollo Theatre following 
the premiere of Get On Up, a film he has co-produced about the life of soul singer James Brown, who was one of Jagger’s early influences.

    “I’d met him and hung out with him,” he says. “He was a full-on, super high energy stage performer and I always admired the way he danced, the way he played an audience, the way he always gave 100 per cent and was always trying to do  new things. “

  A bit like Jagger himself who has many facets to his showbusiness life and has no intention of giving up on any of them in the near future. Later this year he will be resuming his tour with the Rolling
Stones which was interrupted by the drug overdose death of his girlfriend of 13-years, L’Wren Scott.

 Hard work has helped him deal with her death, and, he says, “I’ve been touring in the summer, I’ll
be touring in the autumn and I’m still touring and I don’t know when I’m going to stop, but I’m still going now.”

   Although the Stones have played every major concert venue in the world several times over during the last 50 years he says jokingly: “I always know where I am because I write it on the mirror in the bathroom.”

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