Thursday, July 17, 2014


  I've been on quite a few film sets in  my time but I've never before come across the secrecy and
paranoia surrounding the latest-- and fifth---Terminator movie which doesn't even have a confirmed title. 
 Before I was allowed on to the New Orleans set to watch filming and talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger and some of the cast  I had to sign an all-encompassing confidentiality agreement for Paramount Studios which prohibited me from disclosing "in any form the content viewed." It states: "The set visit is under embargo and anything observed on the set visit cannot be published without written consent from Paramount."
  There was also a non-disclosure agreement running to thousands of words which forbade me to say or write about anything I learned on the set. So what was the point in going? Well, it WAS in New Orleans.
Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger
  And I've learned quite a lot about the movie---which currently goes under the code name Vista, although I don't know if I'm allowed to say that---from other sources which had nothing to do with the set visit.
  For instance, Matt Smith, the former Dr. Who, joins Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie, which is likely to be called Terminator 5: Genesis and is the first of a new trilogy. The British actress Emilia Clarke, from Game of Thrones, co-stars as Sarah Connor and two Australians, Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke play Kyle Reese and John Connor respectively. Although Jason Clarke is considerably older than Emilia, who is playing his mother, time travel explains a lot of things.
  Produced by David Ellison, the trust fund-rich son of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, the new film will be set in the near future but will revisit key moments from 1984 and James Cameron's first Terminator movie. Some of the characters from that movie will be returning.
  During my visit Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from filming to shake hands and talk about the movie although, of course, I'm not allowed to report what he said or how he looked. Not even sure if I can say that he was very friendly and outgoing. He is, of course, 30 years older than he was for the first Terminator and he has previously said he will play an “older” T-800 model whose human skin had aged during three decades of service.
  So until I can say more....Hasta La Vista!

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  1. I think you have said enough! I hope you read all the wording in those agreements you signed and have a pro bono attorney at hand...



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