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 Since she portrayed the alluring double agent Vesper Lynd in the
James Bond film Casino Royale, Eva Green has built an on-screen
reputation as an evil, manipulating woman who uses her sex as a

  As Angelique Bouchard, who cursed Johnny Depp’s character to an eternity as a vampire in Dark Shadows, she caused a stir with her sizzling sex scenes.

  Now, in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, she is naked with Josh Brolin and the poster advertising the film which bears her image has been banned by the Motion Picture Association of America “for nudity---curve
of under breast and dark nipple areola circle visible through sheer gown.”

   The poster shows 34-year-old Eva clad in a sheer white robe that shows off her silhouette and emphasises her curvy figure. But when I chatted with French-born Eva in Beverly Hills she seemed slightly
bemused by the ban.

   “I don’t really understand,” she says. “You don’t see anything on the poster. They don’t censor violence but they censor this; I’m holding a gun on the poster but that’s fine with them. If they are
shocked by the poster they’re going to be really shocked when they see the film. In 3D too!”

   She’s probably right because her scenes with Brolin push the
envelope of sex on screen to the outer limits.

    Eva stars as a femme fatale in the first of four stories in Sin City: A Dame to Die For, the sequel to Frank Miller’s graphic novel and neo-noir crime movie Sin City. It is again co-directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson returning to repeat their original roles.

      In the title segment Eva portrays Ava Lord, who seeks the help of her former lover, played by Josh Brolin, to escape her abusive husband, billionaire Damien Lord (played by Eva’s real-life
ex-boyfriend Marton Csokas). But Brolin’s character soon realises Ava’s true intentions are far more sinister than they appear.

   “She is beyond evil and it’s just so much fun to play somebody so extreme and so corrupt,” says Eva. “I’ve played evil women before but this one is something else. She has no sense of morality and no shame.

 “Playing evil women is quite meaty compared to being a boring
girlfriend. There’s something quite ballsy about these characters.
It’s fun and jubilating to play someone so bad.”

   What wasn’t so much fun for her were the graphic nude scenes, for
which director Rodriguez insisted she had to be naked.

   “I wanted to wear a corset and a bra but said I had to be naked and
he was right because she uses her body as a weapon. I knew it was
going to be shot in a tasteful way but when you do it, you want to
die. Also I was cast a week before shooting so I didn’t have time to
go on a diet. But when you go for it you forget you are naked and you
are just acting and it’s also helpful that the make-up artist puts on
lots of make-up all over your body. It’s kind of an armour, but it’s
no fun to be naked.

   “You feel very awkward and very silly and you don’t feel sexy at
all. You’re surrounded by a very bright green screen and Josh Brolin
is there wearing flesh-coloured Spandex. But you tell yourself, ‘It’s
all for art and it will be great on screen.’”

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