Monday, September 22, 2014


 Congratulations to my old mate Armando Gallo, one of the top rock photographers of the 60s and 70s,  who has just brought out an app, Genesis---I know What I Like, based on his 1980 book about the iconic British band. 
 The app features hundreds of never-before-seen photos and new interviews, making it the most ambitious and interactive rock app ever released for tablets, in which new material can be added over time.  
Armando, now photographing celebrities in Hollywood, which is where I met him, moved to London from Rome in 1966 and became a rock 'n roll journalist, covering the Beatles, Hendrix, Procol Harem, The Troggs, Pink Floyd, Small Faces, the Nice and many more. 
  A longtime Genesis fan, he toured the U.S with the band in 1974 and moved to Los Angeles the following year. 
 As well as containing the Genesis---I Know What I Like book, with more than 200 pages and 500 photographs, the app, available at iTunes App Store, also has unreleased early Genesis music, exclusive photos and plenty of other gems for Genesis fans. 
 Says Armando: "This book was truly a labour of love. I was in a privileged position following the band and I wanted to share the experience with all my fellow Genesis fans."  

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