Thursday, September 18, 2014


    Some people have to die before finding fame. And fame has come very late for Peg Entwistle, a 24-year-old out of work actress who committed suicide 81 years ago by jumping off the Hollywood Sign.

 Welsh-born Peg (left), a symbol of tragedy and failure, Hollywood-style, had appeared in several  Broadway plays that quickly closed and like so many others she moved to Hollywood seeking stardom. She appeared in Thirteen Women but most of her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. After that she could not get work and, broke and heartbroken, she ended her life in a symbolic way. Some say her ghost still haunts the trails of Mount Lee.
Hollywood it was
    When she jumped off the letter H the sign still read HOLLYWOODLAND but it was restored in 1949 without the last four letters. 
   One of the most iconic signs in the world, it was recently refurbished and over a ten week period, each of the 45 feet high letters was carefully stripped, primed and repainted white. 
  Now it seems Peg will finally get to be a star.
Writer-director Tony Kaye is reportedly planning a movie based on Peg's story. 

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