Monday, October 27, 2014


  All those predictions that Christopher Nolan's latest epic, the space adventure Interstellar, will take away a stack of Oscars could be far off the mark. Now the film has been screened for critics and selected audiences, many are not so enthusiastic.
Hathaway. Picture: Theo Kingma
    It is almost three hours long and is decidedly complex, dabbling as it does with black holes, wormholes, quantum physics, the theory of relativity and extra-dimensional space among other subjects.
   Many who saw it at an early screening at the Science Center Imax Theatre were decidedly unimpressed by both its length and its complexity. 
   Even the stars confessed to me they don't fully understand what was going on. “I had a sort of working knowledge of the concept of the film and I can’t say that I understood everything," Anne Hathaway told me when we talked on Sunday.   
  And Matthew McConaughey, who plays the leader of a four man crew of astronauts searching for a habitable planet in another galaxy before Earth is wiped out, told me: "I'm going to see it again tonight for the second time. I had 50 questions after the first time and I am going to have 100 more tonight."

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