Friday, October 10, 2014


A Cocktail Week party
  Seems I've arrived in London at the right time. The London Film Festival, which opened with a wet
and windy gala premiere of The Imitation Game, serendipitously coincides with London Cocktail Week, which is based in the Seven Dials area of Covent Garden, where I happen to be staying
Keira Knightley on a soggy red carpet

 So while Benedict  Cumberbatch and Keira
Knightley were attempting to keep dry and keep their hair under control --at least Keira was---on a sodden red carpet, Cocktail Week partygoers were packing into the pop-up bars which sprung up every night in shoe shops, art galleries, beauty parlours and most other shops you can think of throughout Covent Garden---an area not short of pubs to begin with. It's going to be a most enjoyable festival!.   

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  1. I haven't thought off any shops like that lately....