Saturday, December 6, 2014


with Lana Del Rey
I have to confess I'd never heard of the Australian singer Sia until I was invited to meet her at a press conference in New York.
And what a strange lady she is! She is, she says, in a 12-step programme and has been sober for four and a half years; she cries during Master Chef if someone's spaghetti carbonara doesn't work out; she has the lyrics to the song she is due to perform scrawled on the palm of her hand and --weirdest of all---she prefers to perform with her back to the audience. Four months ago she married Erik Lang, a documentary filmmaker, in Palm Springs, although four years ago she said she wanted to marry her then girlfriend, JD Samson of the electro-punk band Le Tigre.
 The world will be hearing plenty of Sia in the months to come---she is the voice singing the song Opportunity in the soon-to -be-released movie version of Annie. 
  Another singer I met on the same New York trip was Lana Del Rey, who seems a lot more normal than Sia even though Lana, too, is a recovering drink-and-drug addict. Now aged 24, she started early---at the age of 15 she was sent to a boarding school to get sober. She has, she tells me, now been sober since 2004.
  Lana write and sings the title song from Tim Burton's movie Big Eyes.

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