Sunday, January 25, 2015


This time of year the little ski town of Park City, Utah is overflowing with film fans and the attendant filmmakers, publicists, journalists, hustlers, agents and stars, all drawn by the Sundance film festival and the possibility of  being in on next year's surprise big hit movie.   
  Last year two Oscar nominees, Boyhood and Whiplash, were first screened at Sundance and this year 123 films are vying for recognition out of more than 4,100 that were submitted.
  But, of course, although people will tell you it is the art that matters it is money that is at the root of everything in Sundance.  Big corporations have taken over most of the stores on Main Street for promotional purposes and at the other end of the spectrum, would-be filmmakers are trying to raise enough dollars to make their dream idea come true.
   In that vein, while walking up Main Street after a chat with the always-friendly Nicole Kidman (her Sundance movie is called Strangerland, by the way) I met up with Bubu the owl who, with his handler from the Earthwings oragnisation, was soliciting donations in order to make a nature documentary. 
  I hope my $2 will help and I'll look out for the movie at Sundance next year.

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