Friday, January 9, 2015


J-Lo: no Valentine's plans
Quite a day! It started while I was at the Beverly Hilton helping to arrange for the delivery of a truckload of caviar for Sunday's Golden Globes and I came across Jiff. The extremely cute Jiff, according to his card, is an actor/model dog so it was appropriate he should pose for his picture by a Golden Globe.
 Then I dropped in at the Four Seasons for a chat with Jennifer Lopez, who is starring in a new film, the creepy psychological thriller The Boy Next Door. J-Lo told me of her Valentine's Day plans (she says she doesn't have any) before posing for a quick photo and then rushing off to her next appointment.
Jiff the actor/model dog
 From there I headed to the British Consul-General's house in Hancock Park where the C-G, Chris Connor, was throwing a party for two British Golden Globe nominees, Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, who both star in the Stephen Hawking story The Theory of Everything. Because the party coincided with Hawking's birthday (and that of Gallileo 300 years earlier) a celebration birthday cake was cut and handed around.
 Jones and Redmayne with Consul-General Chris Connor

 Both Eddie and Felicity must be heartily sick of going to parties, answering the same questions, shaking countless hands and posing for innumerable pictures, which they have been doing since the movie opened at the Toronto Film Festival in September, but being true troupers they give no sign of impatience or boredom.
  Personally I'm backing Eddie to win both Golden Globe and Oscar as best actor for his amazing portrayal of Hawking. And because she's so nice I hope Felicity wins, too.      

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