Monday, April 13, 2015


Had a chance to talk with the newest Bond girl, lovely Stephanie Sigman on the set of SPECTRE after she had finished her opening scenes---a sexy assignation with Daniel Craig in a Mexico City hotel room. 
For 28-year-old Stephanie,  the role means a big career breakthrough although she is no stranger to sex and violence on the screen. A keen boxer who trains regularly with professional boxers in a Los Angeles gym, she previously portrayed the title role in the movie Miss Bala, playing a kidnapped Mexican beauty queen caught up in Mexican gang violence. She also played the ex-girlfriend of a contract killer in the TV series The Bridge.
   Stephanie, 27, was born in Ciudad Obregon, the second largest city in the crime-ravaged state of Sonora. Residents of the town claim the problems with organised crime became serious around 1998 when the now-famous starlet would have been just eleven. 
She left the city when she was sixteen and began a modelling career.The first Mexican Bond girl, she landed the role of the mysterious Estrella in Spectre after answering a casting call, auditioning and then meeting Sam Mendes. 
   "Am I sexy? I don't know," she laughs. "For some people I'm not going to be sexy and for others I'll be too sexy, so it's all very relative. I just try to embrace what I am, so if I'm sexy....all well and good."


  1. Do bees buzz? Is grass green? Is she sexy...yes, and sweetly modest apparently. And what's the last unfinished sentence for exackery? (as Winnie the Pooh would say)

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