Monday, April 13, 2015


Had a chance to talk with the newest Bond girl, lovely Stephanie Sigman on the set of SPECTRE after she had finished her opening scenes---a sexy assignation with Daniel Craig in a Mexico City hotel room. 
For 28-year-old Stephanie,  the role means a big career breakthrough although she is no stranger to sex and violence on the screen. A keen boxer who trains regularly with professional boxers in a Los Angeles gym, she previously portrayed the title role in the movie Miss Bala, playing a kidnapped Mexican beauty queen caught up in Mexican gang violence. She also played the ex-girlfriend of a contract killer in the TV series The Bridge.
   Stephanie, 27, was born in Ciudad Obregon, the second largest city in the crime-ravaged state of Sonora. Residents of the town claim the problems with organised crime became serious around 1998 when the now-famous starlet would have been just eleven. 
She left the city when she was sixteen and began a modelling career.The first Mexican Bond girl, she landed the role of the mysterious Estrella in Spectre after answering a casting call, auditioning and then meeting Sam Mendes. 
   "Am I sexy? I don't know," she laughs. "For some people I'm not going to be sexy and for others I'll be too sexy, so it's all very relative. I just try to embrace what I am, so if I'm sexy....all well and good."

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  1. Do bees buzz? Is grass green? Is she sexy...yes, and sweetly modest apparently. And what's the last unfinished sentence for exackery? (as Winnie the Pooh would say)