Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Haley today
 When he was 11-years-old Haley Joel Osment earned an Oscar nomination for his role in The Sixth Sense in which he memorably announced that he "sees dead people."
 He made a couple more movies and then dropped out of sight.
 Now aged 27, he is back making movies again and I chatted with him at the Montage Hotel where he had just been reunited with his co-stars in the forthcoming movie Entourage.
 An avid golfer, Haley has chubby cheeks, reddish-hair, a beard and a cheery grin. There is only a very faint resemblance to the blonde-haired young star of The Sixth Sense.  
   He has, he says, been living in New York and between 2006 and 2011 he was studying  at NYU.   "I did a play on Broadway in 2008 and two independent films while I was in college but it was hard to do school and acting at the same time, so for about five years I was just in college," he tells me.
In the new movie Yoga Hosers
   He went back to work in 2012 and the movies he has made since then, including the Mark Wahlberg-produced Entourage, in which he plays a Southern rich kid with a sense of entitlement,   are starting to be released.
  Those who remember him from The Sixth Sense will see a very different Haley Joel Osment nowadays. 
Haley aged 11.
   Even Haley finds it odd seeing himself in The Sixth Sense. "The memory is still strong but it seems like a different person," he says. 

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