Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Had a surprise note the other day from someone I consider to be one of the best lounge singers and entertainers I have heard for a long time.
  Her name is Susan Rodriguez and  we met while she was performing on the Silver Seas cruise ship Silver Whisper during a Caribbean cruise.
  A radio and TV star in the Philippines, she has an amazingly wide repertoire--it would be difficult to name a song she and her excellent keyboard accompanist Enrico don't know--- and her wide range and warm delivery make her a round-the-world favourite with cruise ship passengers.
   When we met she and Enrico were on the tail end of a world cruise which took them from Los Angeles to South Africa, the Caribbean and then on to Southampton via New York and Montreal. 
  Still on the Silver Whisper, they are now on their way around Scandinavia before returning to Southampton, sailing on to Belfast and Dublin, then to Montreal, New York, the Eastern Seaboard and back to the Caribbean. She won't get home until November.
  It is an itinerary to make a world traveller's mouth water. But Susan doesn't have a lot of time to explore ashore.
   "When we're not working, Enrico and I are rehearsing," she says.
  I hope to one day meet up with Susan and Enrico again---preferably on a world cruise.  

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