Friday, October 30, 2015


Lea in action in Spectre
  Went to an early screening of the new James Bond film Spectre and while Daniel Craig is not everyone's idea of Bond, Lea Seydoux has to be everyone's perfect Bond girl.
  Sexy and seductive, the 30-year-old French actress is by far the best Bond girl yet, excelling in action and the physical love scenes with lucky old Craig, who is probably making his last Bond film.    But she nearly made a hash of her audition because she had a drink of alcohol to calm her nerves.
with Lea on the Spectre set in Mexico City
   "I was early and so I thought that maybe I could have a beer to relax, which was a very bad idea," she told me when I talked with her on the set of Spectre in Mexico City. "I lost my text and I couldn’t remember my lines anymore. So I asked if I could come back and do it again and they said I could."
  Lea, who is unmarried, is no stranger to on-screen love scenes. She starred in Blue is the Warmest Colour in which she had long and explicit lesbian love scenes with actress Adele Exachopoulos which, she said, made her feel "like a prostitute" and led her to question her sexuality.   
 "It's not nothing making those scenes," she said. "Of course I question myself. But I did not have any revelations."

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