Wednesday, October 21, 2015


  It is an odd conversation to have with someone as vibrant, lively and lovely as Anne Hathaway, but we are talking about death. Specifically, what happens afterwards. And Anne has no doubt about what she wants. 
 "I don’t want to be buried," she tells me. "I either want to be cremated---this is so going to be the headline by the way: 'Anne Hathaway wants to be cremated!'---so either I want to be cremated or they can now bury you at the root of a tree. So I kind of either want to be burned and scattered or I want to become a tree. And I want to be a protected tree that doesn’t become Ikea furniture. 
 "I haven’t thought that much about how that is going to work out but I feel like it’s going to be fine."
     It is always fun talking with 32-year-old Anne, who likes to laugh and joke. But during her 18 year acting career she has had some  stressful times.
  The Oscar winner has appeared nude on screen, jumped out of buildings, had her head shaved, played drug addicts, hosted the Oscars and won one, as well.

 And for the space drama Interstellar she spent much of the time suspended on harnesses, floating in mid-air, suffering from motion sickness and, in what could have been a life-threatening situation, immersed in frigid water with a serious risk of hypothermia.
  But the friendly young actress with the wide smile and merry laugh who co-starred in The Devil Wears Prada, has returned temporarily to romantic comedy in The Intern, in which she plays the boss of a fashion company.  
  "I just feel very lucky," she tells me when we talk in New York. "I play all sorts of different roles which was the goal when I started out--- to get to play a wide range of characters."



  1. Ugh - does she now? Not in this article. She is starring The Intern? Where I wonder is the intern starring in her?

  2. I think it's clear who wants to be The Intern in this piece....

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    1. Dear Confused: Thanks for the laugh.

  4. I'm sorry Anonymous but I don't understand. Who wants to be The Intern and why?

    1. Hmmmm. Glad to see correction.