Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 Writing's on the Wall, the theme song to SPECTRE, is far from being my favourite Bond theme song but the singer, 23-year-old Londoner Sam Smith, is one of the nicest guys I've met for a long time.

  Sam chatted openly with me at the Beverly Hilton Hotel about his life, his career and about coming out as gay when he was ten years old. "It's a bit of a disappointing story because I told my mother and she said, 'We know,'" he laughed.

  "But In the industry I found it very scary in the beginning because it hadn’t happened before and people hadn’t been openly gay in the pop market and released music saying it was about a guy. I still get scared sometimes and now probably more people know my sexuality so I wonder sometimes what will happen with my second album. But it’s uncharted territory so it’s always going to be weird."

  His album is called In The Lonely Hour and he explained: "It’s called that because before I made it I had never had a boyfriend and I fell in love with someone a few years ago who didn’t love me back and we weren’t in a relationship and it was very depressing.So the only way that I could get over him was to write an album about it and that's what I did.And music became a whole different type of therapy for me during that process."

   Although Sam now has a  worldwide army of fans, he admits: "I still haven’t felt like I made it. Seriously, I am racked with insecurities and stuff but when I go back home to London with my family, I feel completely normal, as if nothing had changed which is a beautiful thing.  

  "As much as my life has been inspiring over the last year, I do need to step away and try my very best to go back to how everything was before, because I miss it.
I love my life now, but I really just want to be with my family and my friends and date some people and go to Tesco’s and that’s what I want to do."

   In preparation for Christmas he has bought a house in Hampstead, and, he says, "I think anyone who is British takes Christmas insanely seriously. I bought my first ever house recently purely because it’s going to look great at Christmas.It’s like a Beatrix Potter house and that's the main reason."

  Happy Christmas, Sam!

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