Thursday, December 17, 2015


  There are two new faces in the Star Wars saga now. Two Brits, John Boyega as Finn and Daisy Ridley as Rey are clearly destined to take over the starring roles in future movies---and Disney intends to turn out a new one every two years.
  But in the current, just-released blockbuster The Force Awakens it is veteran Harrison Ford, returning as Han Solo, who steals the show. While his fellow Star Wars alumni Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill have cameo roles, Ford is the fully-fledged star, back in the Millennium Falcon and at the center of the action. 
  Although after Return of the Jedi he said he never wanted to come back again as Han Solo, he told me when we chatted before the premiere why he had changed his mind. 
 "I did it as usual for myself," he says."And because it was a very good script it seemed like  really good idea.
  "And besides that I didn't have a job. So it was easy and I slotted in and I was delighted to do it. You might not think I'd want to because of statements I made years ago that I was tired of putting on that costume. But 25 years later there it is in the back of the closet and it's got a nice look to it so I thought I'd try it on again.  
   "It's true that I said I wanted Han Solo to die in the original but that wasn't because I didn't want to play the character but because I didn't anticipate there would ever be another film. 
 "So I thought ti would be great if he sacrificed himself and lent some gravitas to the enterprise.
  "But George Lucas said  'no'"

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