Thursday, February 11, 2016


 He may have all the trappings of the big-time movie star he is, but it's hard not to like George
 Clooney. Easy-going and friendly, he comes across as one of  Hollywood's good guys.
 Talking with him about his latest movie, Hail Caesar! a throwback to Hollywood in the 1950s, in which he plays an affable but idiotic movie star, brings out plenty of anecdotes about old Hollywood.
 After all, his first father-in-law was Oscar winner Martin Balsam, his aunt was singer Rosemary Clooney, his  uncle was Oscar-winning actor Jose Ferrer and his cousin Miguel Ferrer.
 " My aunt Rosemary's house was party central for a long, long time and Jose and her would throw these wonderful parties," he recalled when we talked at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. "When he was 20 my father spent the night there drinking with Marlene Dietrich. Gregory Peck and his wife Veronique used to have big parties too and I would go there and Jack Lemmon would be playing the piano and it was a fun, exciting time."
Clooney, Amal, and their house in England.
  Clooney and his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin also throw parties at their English home on a 5.5 acre island in the Thames at Sonning Eye. But, he says, they are very different types of get-togethers.
 "It's not with a lot of famous people," he says. "It ends up being with a lot of politicians. My wife just got President Nasheed released from solitary confinement in the Maldives after he was jailed for political reasons and two nights ago at our house in England he came over to say hello.
It's less about stars and more about people that she and I work with in other parts of our lives."
  Of the house, built in 1680, he says: "I love it there. I have a boat and we share the island with a dinner theatre which is perfect because I'll be able to work there when I need it later."

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