Saturday, March 5, 2016


Sacha as Sacha
  Sacha Baron Cohen likes to do his interviews in character---be it as Borat, Bruno or the Dictator. But when I met him at the Four Seasons the other day he was elegantly dressed in a three-piece suit and talked eruditely about Grimsby, the new, outrageously funny new movie in which he plays Nobby, a dimwitted soccer hooligan.
   Known to be elusive and enigmatic when not in character, he was erudite, friendly and funny as he sipped coffee and talked about the making of Grimsby, how he and his fellow writers come up with some of the scenes and about comedy in general and the state of Hollywood.
 Many of the scenes in Grimsby are so gross and over-the-top it is impossible to describe them in writing but I can reveal that the climax takes place at the World Cup final where England beat Germany 2-1 on a goal scored by Raheem Sterling, playing himself.
  Sacha admits the scene was a bit of a stretch.  "It's wish fulfillment," he told me with a laugh. "We had amazing special effects on this movie and the hardest one was to make it appear that England could actually look like they could win the World Cup final."
Sacha as Nobby on the red carpet
   One scene, involving Nobby and his brother hiding in an elephant's vagina (don't ask!) when a male elephant decides to have sex, particularly delighted him. "We have got all these Oscar-winning special effects guys there and we have 14 tons of fluid and I can't believe that some idiot has actually given me money to make these scenes" he said. "It's completely mad."
   Later the same day Sacha changed from his suit into an England football shirt and a signature Donald Trump red cap to appear on the red carpet at the Grimsby premiere and berate Trump as "the ultimate soccer hooligan" and "a loud ranting bloke."
    He said: : "It was Donald's rallies that won me over. It’s like football matches in England---shouting, violence and abuse."  

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