Wednesday, May 11, 2016


  Poor Tim Burton! Life in London seems to be losing its lustre for the quirky filmmaker who has lived in the capital ever since he made Sleepy Hollow there 18 years ago.
   His 13-year-relationship with Helena Bonham-Carter, with whom he has two children, broke up a year or so ago; he is having difficulty finding studio space at Pinewood to make his movies and now he is thinking about moving back to Burbank, where he was born. 
   "I might be heading back there because it's so busy here now," he tells me when we talk in a screening room at London's Soho Hotel. "It used to be I would go to Pinewood and it was like a ghost town and I had the whole studio to myself. But now I can't even get into a toxic waste dump, so I might be moving back to Burbank soon."
from the movie
   We were in the screening room to see clips from his latest---and possibly weirdest---film, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which stars Eva Green, Samuel L. Jackson and a host of children----"There's one kid I almost strangled, which you're not supposed to do," he says.
  It wasn't an easy shoot for Samuel L. Jackson, either. "I felt bad for Sam," says Burton. "He's this great actor and I go, 'Sam, do you mind if we put you on wires and yank you across the room? And do you mind, we're going to set you on fire now. And do you mind being blown by a giant wind machine while you're wearing white contact lenses and by the way, act as well?'
   "It was just the kind of normal, funny, ridiculous things that go on when you are making a film."


  1. Yeah, Burbank. That's going to be much more fun.

  2. Isn't he a dedicated father leaving his children in another country!

  3. For a filmmaker of Burton's stature it makes perfect sense for him to move to Burbank rather than have to struggle for studio space at an over-crowded Pinewood.

  4. Does it make perfect sense to abandon his children for his movie making?

  5. I'm sure Mr.Burton is well aware of his responsibilities as a father.William S

  6. Hahahaha Yes, he is obviously aware of them. He just seems to want to avoid them.