Tuesday, May 10, 2016


 Newspaper readers in England must be getting a bit puzzled by the almost daily stories about former Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville, some of which seem to have little point to them.
  There are pictures of him and his wife, quotes from him about being a happily married man, how he loves his wife, how he likes to stay close to home etc. etc.
  The stories are all tongue-in -cheek because what the newspapers know but cannot print because of an injunction taken out by Bonneville is that the actor, who has a reputation as a happily married family man, paid escort girl Helen Wood £195 pounds for sex. And then paid lawyers thousands of pounds to go to the Superior Court to obtain a strict injunction hushing it up.
Escort girl Helen Wood
   Helen Wood, who famously had a threesome with Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and her friend while
Rooney's wife Colleen was pregnant, claimed Bonneville, who played Lord Grantham on Downtown Abbey, booked her for an afternoon sex session through an escort agency. 

  She told in an interview how he arrived without his wedding ring before having a shower in her room. ‘He came out of the shower naked. I asked him if he wanted a massage and I gave him one,’ she said at the time.
‘He turned over and he was a disgusting kisser. He kissed like a virgin.’ 
She says she offered to use a sex toy on him and he 'eagerly agreed'. Afterwards, he left without leaving a tip, but he did recommend a local restaurant, she claimed.  
The ex-escort compared the "barmy" legal situation to that of Elton John and David Furnish who have spent £1million battling to stop details of Furnish's threesome with another couple being published in England  even though it is common knowledge in the rest of the world.


  1. "some of which seem to have little point to them." I'm sure they make a big point to his wife.

  2. Never thought it of him

    1. Why? Because he is good looking and speaks nicely?