Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Matt as Jason Bourne

    Matt Damon feels like a winner. The U.S. premiere of Jason Bourne at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas the previous evening had been greeted with cheers and wild applause and afterwards he had headed for the casino's poker tables.   
    "I don’t think I’m a good gambler but that doesn’t keep me from trying," he tells me the next morning as we talk at the nearby Cosmopolitan Hotel.  "Last night I was out to the wee hours and got ahead and I was playing with the casino’s money and went crazy for a couple hours. And then I gave it all back and went home even. So, to me, when you go home even in Vegas, it’s a big win."

   He has, he says, spent too much time in Las Vegas to get carried away with the temptations of the nightlife.

  "The crazy nights in Las Vegas happen to people who come in for just one or two nights and go absolutely crazy and flame out and leave," he says with a grin. "You look at these people and its like going to the zoo.

the morning after
  "But I've shot so many movies here and lived here and when you actually work here you fall into the real rhythm of the city, which is much slower and calmer. I feel more like a resident than a tourist."
  Matt was at the premiere with his wife, Argentine-born Lucy Barroso whom he met in Miami Beach in 2002 while he was filming the comedy Stuck on You and she was working as a waitress. They have three daughters aged from six to ten and Lucy has a daughter who has just turned 18.

Matt at the premiere with wife Lucy

  "I got lucky meeting her," says Damon. "I think marriage is incredibly difficult because it’s so hard to have that one partner who is everything. Looking at it objectively it seems  an insane idea. So it’s not that I love marriage in general, it’s that I love being married to her. And that’s the difference. And  I just got lucky. I sure did."


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