Monday, October 3, 2016


Pitt and Cotillard in Allied
Probably nobody outside Hollywood  gives a toss but the hot topic around the studios and agents' hangouts is whether Allied, the soon to be released sexy spy drama starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, can survive the whispers that the two stars' on-set romance  (strongly denied, by the way) led to Pitt's breakup with Angelina Jolie.

  In a town where the take at the box office means everything,  there are two schools of thought: One camp firmly believes there is no such thing as bad publicity and that the rumours and gossip will lead to heightened interest in the film. After all, that's what happened with another sexy spy drama, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, the movie on which Pitt and Jolie got together-- a liaison which torpedoed Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston and helped make the movie a huge hit at the box office.  

 Then there are those who take the opposite view and cite Proof of Life, the 2000 action romance that died at the box office after Meg Ryan's affair with her co-star Russell Crowe  sullied her America's sweetheart image and marked the end of her marriage to Dennis Quaid.

Pitt and Angelina in happier times
  There are millions of dollars at stake for Paramount, whose publicists are hoping against hope that Pitt agrees to help promote the film by red carpet appearances and risking awkward questions on the late night talk shows, something he has always been loathe to do even in the best of circumstances. 

  There is the possibility, of course, that he will only agree to appear if the subject of his marriage breakup is strictly off limits.

  Allied, by the way, is directed by Robert Zemeckis and set in 1942 Africa when two assassins (Pitt and Cotillard) are sent on a mission to kill a German official but fall in love, get married and then discover that one is a double agent that the other must eliminate.

  Sounds a bit like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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