Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Cotillard and Pitt in Allied
  I would have totally understood if Marion Cotillard had not wanted to talk about Brad Pitt, her co-star in the World War 11 movie Allied.
  After all, she was named by gossips and Internet trolls as being the "other woman" in the breakup of Pitt and Angelina Jolie's marriage, something she and her longtime boyfriend Guillaume Canet strenuously denied.

  But on the contrary, instead of remaining silent she positively gushes with praise and admiration for the actor who plays her lover and then husband in the movie.      

  "An amazing partner who is such an amazing actor," she tells me   when we talk at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. "I was very impressed by his determination and commitment and he's such a good man besides being an amazing actor and he's proved it many times. He's such an open-minded person---kind, down-to-earth and very generous.
With Cotillard in Beverly Hills

   "I've seen almost all his movies and he's so different each time and I've always been really impressed by his work."

  Cotillard, 41, is heavily pregnant with her second child by Canet, the actor and director whom she has been with since 2007. They have a five-year-old son Marcel and their second child is due in the New Year.
  In the World War 11-set Allied she and Pitt have a particularly steamy sex scene in the front seat of a car about which she says: "We rehearsed and created the choreography so we felt comfortable and then you can let it go and be free to act when it comes to actually shooting. We knew exactly what we had to do which made it easier."

 She plays a French resistance fighter who encounters Pitt's intelligence officer in 1942 North Africa where both are on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. They fall in love and are reunited In London, where they marry but find their relationship threatened by suspicion and the pressures of the war.

   Produced by British filmmaker and fellow Chelsea supporter Graham King, Allied was shot  mainly in London, which suited Cotillard just fine.

  "I've been spending a lot of time in London lately and I simply love it," she says. "I've always loved England and the culture of acting and making movies is very strong. It's also close to home  which is something that really counts when you have a family." Then she adds with a laugh: "And I really love the British accent."

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