Sunday, December 11, 2016


Dev Patel and I first met at a party in Toronto just after the premiere of Slumdog Millionaire, the movie in which he starred and which kick started his career.
  In the ensuing eight years he has co-starred in the two Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movies, Chappie, The Man who Knew Infinity and the TV series The Newsroom, among others..
 Now he is being tipped for an Oscar nomination for his starring role in Lion, the true story of an Indian boy adopted by Australian parents who, as a man, sets out to find his real mother. 
A few years ago!
 We met up again the other day at a luncheon party at the British Consul-General's home in Los Angeles where  Dev, a likeable, easy-going Londoner from Harrow who has now moved to Los Angeles, told me about a bizarre experience he had on his latest movie, Hotel Mumbai, which will be released next year.
  Dev was with the rest of the cast and crew at the wrap party when the Australian director, Anthony Maras, somehow caught his hand in a fan and lost part of his thumb. While his hand was being temporarily bandaged and an ambulance was summoned Dev borrowed a flashlight and scoured the floor under the table until he found the top of the thumb which he wrapped and which was dispatched to the hospital with Maras.
  Unfortunately because the thumb had been sheared off to the bone the top could not be reattached.
  "It was terrible," Dev told me. "Anthony was in a lot of pain but he was a real trooper."
   Nothing so dramatic happened on Lion, although Dev and the crew spent six weeks' filming in India which was eventful enough.
   Now he is embarked on a gruelling promotional tour which to his dismay included having to make a speech to guests assembled at the British Consul-General's home.    

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