Thursday, December 8, 2016


  I first met Sienna Miller at a party by the pool at the ViceroyHotel in Santa Monica when she was an unknown 21 year-old who had just arrived in California from London. 
  Now, 15 years later, she is a major star living in New York with her four-year-old daughter, having split up last year with the girl's father, actor Tom Sturridge.
A few years ago
  In the intervening years she has had a series of turbulent romances which have frequently landed her in the tabloids. Her hard-partying lifestyle, her night-clubbing, her on-off affair with Jude Law, her fling with Daniel Craig while ostensibly still with Law.....her private life and bohemian chic style totally overshadowed her acting abilities. 
  She had brief romances with Rhys Ifans, Hayden Christensen and model Jamie Burke and was the subject of more negative press when she embarked on a highly public affair with Balthazar Getty who was married at the time with four children. The scandal was fuelled by photos of Getty kissing a topless Miller aboard a boat off the coast of Italy. The much publicised affair caused Getty to split with his wife and led to Miller suing the British tabloid that published the photos. 

   Through it all she continued to turn in well received performances in movies such as Factory Girl, American Sniper and on the Broadway stage as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.

   Most recently starring with Ben Affleck in Live By Night, she is currently dating Bennett Miller, who directed her in Foxcatcher.
   Despite her tempestuous and often troubled love life, she tells me: "I still believe in love. I think being an inherently romantic person has meant that most of the changes in my life have happened as a result of love, for better or for worse. And I think those experiences really reshape you in ways that add depth and gravitas and wisdom and sadness. I have cut off my hair at the end of a relationship. And I have relocated. I'm hopelessly romantic."
    So what type of man turns Sienna on? "I like my men in a suit with a gun," she jokes. Then more seriously she tells me: "I like my men to be clever. Not necessarily well-educated, but thoughtful and bright. If I'm not learning I get really bored. So intelligence has always been the thing that I've found most attractive in a man."

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