Thursday, December 22, 2016


   Will Smith is not one of those precious celebrities who claim to dislike their fame, complain about being recognised in the street and who hide from their fans.
   On the contrary, the ebullient Smith goes out of his way to accommodate anyone who wants to talk to him, get his autograph or take a "selfie."  
  In fact, he tells me when we talk in New York, "I LOVE being famous. I love it that I can’t walk down the street without people recognising me. It’s a beautiful experience when everybody recognises you. I can see for some people it would make them unsafe but it makes me feel completely safe because it means that somebody will always help me, no matter what."
  He would be wise to make the most of his fame while he can because his resume is becoming heavy with far more misses than hits. 
   His latest movie---and the reason we talked---is Collateral Beauty, a mawkish holiday "drama" which racked up an abysmal $7 million on its opening weekend and is yet another box office disappointment after the science fiction flick After Earth and last year's crime dramedy Focus. Even Concussion, which was expected to land him an Oscar nomination, did not fare nearly as well as expected and brought no awards.  It is becoming a familiar story for Smith, who was once a big box office name, carrying hits like 1996's Independence Day and 1997's Men in Black with his sheer star power. 
 So what has changed?
  "Will Smith is in a serious transition mode, from Blockbuster Saviour to Mr. Joe Regular," Jeff Bock, senior analyst at Exhibitor Relations, tells the Wrap.  "He doesn't diversify much anymore; he pretty much plays very safe roles and unfortunately his fan base isn't what it was." 


  1. All is ephemeral------fame and the famous as well