Monday, April 24, 2017


 On the few cruises I have been on I've never been impressed with the entertainment. Lounge singers, second rate comedians and even the occasional magician have all left me cold.
  But on a Mediterranean cruise on the maiden voyage of the new Silversea ship Silver Muse this spring I saw a show that turns the accepted norm of cruise ship entertainment on its head with a vibrancy, joie de vivre and originality rarely seen in a show designed to cater for all tastes.
with Marisa (left) and Kate
   Las Vegas could learn from The Voices of Silversea, a team of three guys and three girls who were chosen Monkees-style and put together after answering advertisements and auditioning in London. Multi-talented singers, dancers and entertainers from a variety of backgrounds, their sheer enthusiasm and obvious love of what they do make for memorable evenings, even for jaded veteran cruisers. 
   Amazingly, they only had a month to rehearse all their routines for a series of different shows which feature costume changes, imaginative set designs and special visual effects,
   With the exception of Mary McElree and Johnny Lee, who are both from Dallas, none of the others--Marisa Nelson from Minneapolis, Josh Eflin from Washington DC, Kevin Fagan from Dublin and Kate Rotheroe--- knew each other and, says Kate: "We got to know each other very quickly and we all get along so well."
   Kate, from the Isle of Man, is a trained opera singer and has performed throughout Europe. She was in Belgium when she got the call to audition for the Voices of Silversea and although her singing talent instantly ensured her a place in the team---"only the most musically insensitive or cloth-eared could find her coloratura anything less than stunning" wrote one critic---her dancing was not of such high quality.
  "I couldn't dance when I joined and I had to learn as I went along,." she laughs. One would never know now as all the routines gell seamlessly.
   The six performers are all on six month contracts. And after that?
   "Who knows? Anything could happen," says Kate.   
   It's a safe bet the world will be hearing more of them.


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