Sunday, July 16, 2017


Krysten Ritter on the set of Jessica Jones
   It took Wonder Woman 76 years to make it from her first appearance in 1941's all Star Comics to the screen this year. 
   Jessica Jones has made it a lot faster than that. The super-heroine first appeared in Alias #1 Comic in 2001 and now the second series of her Jessica Jones TV series is filming with the super-actress Krysten Ritter in the title role.
   I met the delightful Krysten on the set of the series in a studio in Long Island City where Jessica's apartment and her Alias Private Investigations office have been meticulously constructed. 
   For those who aren't up on super heroines, the mysterious Jessica Jones is one of the darker Marvel characters whose short-lived career as a super-heroine ended in tragedy. Suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome,she opens her own detective agency but her primary interest isn't in saving the world but just getting through each day. Based on a graphic novel it is certainly not a super-heroine story for kids.  
Krysten as Jessica Jones
  But 35-year-old Krysten is anything but dark. Lively, vivacious and funny she grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and started her working life as a model after being discovered in a shopping mall when she was 15. After turning to acting she appeared in numerous television series and movies and as Jessica Jones, she also appears in the new TV series The Defenders.
  When she is not being Jessica Jones she sings and plays guitar in a band called Ex Vivian and, she says, she "dates musicians."

    "Jessica Jones is kind of a misfit superhero and she's not very good at it," says Krysten. "She is strong and tough and she kicks ass, but she is also very vulnerable at times and funny at times and she has meaningful relationships and she is trying to survive in a very dark world.

  "The tone of the show is very sort of dark noir and it’s really more of a psychological thriller than anything else Marvel has done. It’s a strong drama, but then I also get to do all these really fun stunts and action sequences. 
  "I get to be vulnerable and I get to have sex scenes with a beautiful man and then I get to kick ass. It really covers a lot of boxes."

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