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  She doesn't look lonely but for the first time in more than 20 years Kate Beckinsale is on her own.
  Divorced from husband Len Wiseman after 11 years of marriage and with her 18-year-old daughter Lily about to leave home to go to college, the stunningly beautiful 44-year-old actress is finally footloose, fancy free and able to do anything and go anywhere she wants.
  The problem is, after juggling a career in Hollywood with motherhood, she doesn't know what to do and finds it all a bit scary.
   "I have lived under a structure of school terms for a long time and now my daughter is about to go to college I have this open landscape which I haven't had since I was 22. It's incredibly exciting and scary. But then, I quite like being scared," she tells me.
      One of the decisions she has to make is whether to stay in California or return to London, where she was brought up and where her mother still lives.
   "I have been here in Los Angeles because Lily has been in school and we intended to stay for that period. Now she's no longer in school that's not the case any more and that is what is so lovely about this moment.
   "I genuinely don't know what I am going to do and there is something incredibly luxurious about being able to say 'I have no idea where I'll be a year's time. I couldn't possibly tell you.'"
   She separated in November 2015 from Wiseman, whom she met on the set of the action movie Underworld after splitting from longtime love Michael Sheen, Lily's father, who appeared with her in two Underworld sequels.

   They have remained close friends and he went with her on a tour of the East Coast to find a college for Lily.    
   “We’re very lucky,” she says. "I spent nearly ten years of my life with Michael. I don’t think I’ve got horrible taste and I really value the friendship I have with him and the fact that he’s Lily’s dad."
   Since splitting with Wiseman she had a brief romance with Matt Rife, a 21-year-old aspiring actor which fizzled out almost as soon as it began. 

   In her new movie The Only Living Boy In New York, she plays a woman who has affairs with both a father (Pierce Brosnan) and his son (Callum Turner).   
  "What I like about the movie is that it’s very much about human beings being human and flawed and still being decent people," she says. "I think it's tempting to see everything as black and white, but all of the characters in this movie are going through some sort of odd crisis in their lives and you can take a moral stance on any of them--- for Pierce Brosnan’s character for having an affair or his son for having an affair with his father’s woman, or my character.  But actually, they are human beings bumbling along and it’s quite human."
  The story poses the question, What is love?
  "What is love? I don’t know," she says. "It’s one of those things you figure out.
    "I am the sort of person who would throw themselves in front of a train for someone else and that is a humbling, terrifying thing.  Love is a very nice thing, but it’s also a kind of bloody, scary thing."

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