Friday, September 1, 2017


Matt Damon will be spending a lot of his time on red carpets in this year's run-up to the awards shows. 
 The unassuming actor is starring in two movies that so far have the best chances of Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, Downsizing and his pal George Clooney's Suburbicon.
Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig in Downsizing
   In both he does what he does best---plays the Everyman caught up in unusual situations and dealing with unexpected circumstances.
But because he's good, it doesn't mean the movies are.
  The bizarre Downsizing, co-written and directed by Alexander Payne, imagines what might happen if, as a solution to over-population,  scientists discover how to shrink humans to 5 inches tall and propose a 200-year global transition from big to small. People soon realize how much further money goes in a miniaturized world, and with the promise of a better life Damon's character abandons his stressed life in Omaha in order to get small and move to a new downsized community — a choice that triggers life-changing adventures.

With Damon for Jason Bourne interview
   "It's such a silly premise but I think that's kind of the fun of the movie," says Matt. "It's this totally ridiculous idea but if you accept that we can shrink ourselves down to 5 inches and just go with it, the movie's this beautiful satire.  
  "It's completely original and the one thing I can say about it is nobody's ever seen anything like it." 
   In the 1950s-set crime comedy-drama Suburbicon, with Clooney directing his first movie since the disastrous Monuments Men,  Matt Damon stars as Gardner Lodge, a buttoned-down suburban dad who gets involved with insurance fraud and murder after a violent home invasion. 
   "But I am just really proud of both of these movies," says Matt. "They are very, very different from one another, but I am really proud of the fact that they both got made in the Hollywood studio system, because they are really challenging movies."
  After Venice Matt is heading for Telluride and then Toronto, where I am due to meet up with him to chat some more about both movies.  
More to come!

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