Saturday, December 23, 2017


  The critics have had their say and the result is overwhelming---the worst movie of the year is Bright, which one reviewer described as "an absolute wreck."

   Bright, which cost $90 million to make,  stars Will Smith as a tough guy cop who is forced to partner up with the first ever orc cop allowed in the LAPD, played by Joel Edgerton.

  The two very different cops must learn to work together in a world that doesn't think orcs and humans should co-exist but where elves,  humans, fairies, orcs and dragons all live together in a world closely resembling ours.

   The movie, says one critic "begs viewers to come in armed with tomatoes and rotten eggs."

   Karen Han, the Daily Beast reviewer, says much of the action takes place at night and in dingy rooms, and that, in combination with how the whole production is lit, means that most of the action is obscured and visually unintelligible. Secondly, she says, there’s nothing about the movie that’s an inherently good idea—or rather, very generously speaking, maybe the story could have made some valid points about the state of race relations in America with a little more thought.

  It seems the combination of fairy fantasy and hard-hitting cop drama just doesn't mesh.

Fairies in the world of Bright are hungry, menacing little creatures perceived as nuisances and one of the first scenes is Will Smith telling a story about how a fairy threw feces at his friend's eye.   

  In another scene Smith's all-American bravado cop has to remove a fairy hanging around his property so, broom in hand, he prepares to kill it, saying: "Fairy lives don't matter today."

  The good news is that the Netflix production probably won't be widely released in theaters.

   The bad news is that a sequel has already been commissioned.
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