Tuesday, March 20, 2018


with Cynthia last year.
    Good news from New York where Cynthia Nixon has already started campaigning in her run for governor.

  The former Sex and the City star faces a tough fight against two-time Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo but if anyone can unseat him, she can.

  I have known Cynthia since 1999 when she was just becoming known for her role as Miranda in Sex and the City and I know her to be outspoken, highly intelligent and deeply committed to fighting for equality, justice and fairness.
Early days; with the Sex and the City girls

   If elected she will be not only the city's first female governor, but also the first gay one.

   It came as something as a surprise when she broke up with her longtime boyfriend Danny Mozes in 2003 after a 15 year relationship in which she had two children and began dating Christine Marinoni, an education and LGBTQ activist whom she married in 2012. They have a son. 
  In 2010, Nixon made headlines when she referred to Marinoni as a “short man with boobs,” in an interview with Advocate.

  “She’s basically a short man with boobs. A lot of what I love about her is her butchness. I’m not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way. I love her sexuality—it’s a big part of what I love about her—but I feel like it was her. It wasn’t something in me that was waiting to come out. It was like, ‘This person is undeniable. How can I let this person walk by?'” she said.

“Christine would probably kill me for saying this, but my daughter said one time that if you really had to break this down, it looks like she would be butch and I would be femme…but it’s really the opposite,” she added.

  Cynthia, who has an ally in New York Mayor Bill de Blasio,  is likely to challenge Cuomo from the left. Announcing her candidacy she said: "I love New York. I’ve never lived anywhere else. But something has to change. We want our government to work again, on healthcare, ending mass incarceration, fixing our broken subway. We are sick of politicians who care more about headlines and power than they do about us. It can’t just be business as usual anymore.”
 Nixon has been critical of the Trump administration. Ahead of the State of the Union, Nixon pointed out that Trump’s first year in office has been “a dark year” for those in America “who value equal rights for all, or economic and racial justice, or want to combat climate change.”

  She said that the “bleak” picture of Trump’s America has a silver lining: “America is still a democracy and the people can hold their leaders accountable,” she said. “That’s why it’s time to take our government back.”
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