Thursday, April 12, 2018


  He's only nine years old but he is the star of his own TV show and a very funny little boy. 

  He talks with confidence and humour and, remarkable as it seems, Iain Armitage, who is better known by his TV name Young Sheldon, is excellent company.

  With a theatrical producer mother and a father who is on stage in New York in Hamilton, Iain was always destined to be in some form of showbusiness. In fact while still in elementary school he launched his own YouTube channel, Ian Loves Theatre and gained a healthy following as a theatre critic.

  In Young Sheldon, a spin-off from The Big Bang Theory, he plays the childhood incarnation of Jim Parsons' character Sheldon Cooper.

    And because he plays a child genius in the show he is learning about plenty of esoteric subjects thanks to the lines he has to say.

   For instance, he says, "I had to talk about kinetic and linear energy and all these things I knew nothing about. So I asked my teacher and there's a formula that says 'ke equals half nb squared---kinetic energy equals mass times velocity squared. But don't ask me what it means."

  And " 'near apogee we gimbal the engine to exert torque which executes a pitch and maneuver to flip about a 180 degrees that needless to say we use a PID controller to minimize the dispersions of the landing site.'

   "My mom and my teacher explained it to me but I’m still like, huh? Because I’m literally talking about rocket science so it was very hard to figure out."

   He landed the first acting job he auditioned for, as Shailene Woodley's son Ziggy in the series Big Little Lies, explaining: "It was basically, audition, send it in, call back, do it, got the part."

   His first film role, in the drama The Glass Castle, followed and he is soon to start filming the second series of Big Little Lies.

  He has always been home schooled and now he has lessons on the set. "I like my classes and I’m excited because when I go back to Big Little Lies there’ll be a lot of other kids," he says. "It'll be good to have a lot of other kids that I can play with and talk with on set." 
  He is already so well known that he cannot walk down the street without being asked for an autograph or a selfie. And unlike some stars it does not bother him at all.
 "I’m completely fine with that, yeah," he says "People are always very nice when they ask, so I am fine with it."

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