Monday, July 30, 2018


    To fans of The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan is the fierce and skilled fighter Maggie Greene. In the upcoming movie Mile 22 she is a death-dealing martial arts expert and a veteran member of the CIA's most closely-guarded secret operatives. And in the upcoming TV series Whiskey Cavalier she is again a  CIA agent leading a team of spies who periodically save the world.

   "I can almost exclusively talk about kicking ass," she laughs when we talk at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills.

   Despite what she calls her scrappy, caged animal style of fighting on screen, off-screen 36-year-old Lauren is a well-spoken former University of Winchester student who spent her teenage years in England and is, she says, "American by birth, English by accent."

  Her home is now in Los Angeles but she now returns to England frequently to see her family although, she says: "I used to go back less because coming back to America was so difficult and heartbreaking. Now I think I've adjusted to the idea that you can be in both places and you don't have to make hard and fast decisions about where you live or what you do.

  "I always go back at Christmas and usually have a trip in the summer. Two of my siblings have moved here so we use that to draw my parents back over to the U.S more because we lived here when we were kids.

 "And the new show Whiskey Cavalier shoots in Prague, so my parents are

  Lauren entered into a well-publicised pay dispute with AMC after completing her contract as a series regular on the zombie drama The Walking Dead at the end  of the eighth season. She asked for a pay rise closer to her male co-stars but AMC refused. Eventually, she made a deal to appear in 6 episodes in the first half of the ninth season before moving on to co-star in Whiskey Cavalier. 

    "It's exciting times," she says with a smile.

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Monday, July 23, 2018


     It's all over for another year. The Spider-man suits, Walking Dead outfits and the many and varied  monster suits and geek tee-shirts  have been packed away but memories of ComicCon linger on.
     Hundreds of thousands of obsessive fans are on their way home having flooded the streets of San Diego and packed the conventions halls of the biggest pop culture marketing event of the year.
    This year the convention spread into the city's Gaslamp Quarter where pop-up exhibitions and eye-catching campaigns drew fans willing to wait in line for hours to get in.
     If ever there was a case of pictures speaking louder than words, ComicCon is it.


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