Saturday, November 10, 2018


   The millions who watched and loved Claire Foy as the young Queen Elizabeth in The Crown are in for a shock if they see her in Girl in the Spider's Web. 

  It couldn't be more different from the genteel world of Buckingham Palace.  

The gadget on the left is a miniature rocket for the movie First Man
  As the tattooed Lisbeth Salander she has facial piercings, sports a black mohawk, hacks into top secret data systems, dodges enemy vehicles on her motorycycle and beats up rich, powerful men who abuse their women. 

 After the Crown, The Girl in the Spider's Web was particularly gruelling for her. " I knew it was going be a really intense shooting schedule and I had to do a lot of physical work," she tells me when we talk in Barcelona. "I had to do a lot of stunts, a lot of running and generally throw myself around so I had to take care of myself physically.

   "But I loved the action because it was something so different for me. I just loved it.

 "And I loved getting the tattoos. When the water was freezing cold and they were transferring them onto my back I didn't like it quite so much," she laughs. "But I loved them. I was really involved in designing them and in the end they felt like part of my body. And very occasionally at family parties where I've looked down, I’d be, 'Oh look I've still got that one on,' which was a bit unusual. But I loved them, I really did."
After filming three movies in quick succession---the others were Unsane and First Man--Claire wanted nothing more than a long rest. 

  "I did nothing for the whole summer and I plan not to do anything for quite a while longer," she says. "Making the Crown and the three movies was really rewarding and amazing but quite exhausting too. I have nothing lined up. Nothing for a long time-------I'm doing diddly squat." 
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