Monday, November 12, 2018


 Sorry to hear of the death of Marvel comics icon Stan Lee at the age of 95. He had battled a number of illnesses over the past year, including most recently a bout of pneumonia.  

   When I talked with Stan two years ago he was fit, feisty and working on movies featuring Annihilator and Realm of the Tiger, new superheroes he had created.

  But he became enmeshed in health and legal problems following  the death last year of his beloved British-born wife Joanie after 70 years of marriage.

  He had filed a lawsuit against his former manager Jerardo Olivarez alleging fraud, elder abuse and misappropriation of his name and likeness.

  Lee, whose creations include Spider-Man, the Hulk, Daredeveil, X-Men and Black Panther, accused Olivarez of being one of many "unscrupulous businessmen, sycophants and opportunists" who sought to take advantage of him following the death of his wife.  

   More than two million of Lee's comic books have been published in 75 nations and in 25 languages. His characters have been featured in 24 animated television series and several live-action movies.

   Lee rose to fame from ignoble beginnings to become the most famous comic author and producer in history. The face of Marvel, Lee was one of the few comic book authors recognisable to mainstream audiences largely because of film roles where he played himself and for his small on-screen parts in the major Marvel movies. 

  But he had a rocky relationship with Marvel once the company went full-tilt Hollywood. He sued the company in 2002 for royalties he said he was owed for the first Spider-Man movie. Three years later he settled the case for $10 million.

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